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Component Translated Untranslated Untranslated words Checks Suggestions Comments
Administration Manual GFDL-1.3 99% 4 1,591 198
OTRS Master Slave Fix this component to clear its alerts. GPL-3.0 1
((OTRS)) Community Edition Fix this component to clear its alerts. GPL-3.0 2
ITSM Configuration Management GPL-3.0 4
Survey GPL-3.0 2
General Catalog Fix this component to clear its alerts. This translation is locked. GPL-3.0
Import Export GPL-3.0
ITSM Core GPL-3.0
System Monitoring Fix this component to clear its alerts. GPL-3.0

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Translation process
  • Translations can be made directly.
  • Translation suggestions can be made.
  • Any authenticated user can contribute.
  • The translation uses bilingual files.
Translation license GNU General Public License v3.0 or later
Filemask i18n/ITSMChangeManagement/ITSMChangeManagement.*.po
Translation file i18n/ITSMChangeManagement/ITSMChangeManagement.zh_CN.po
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OTRS 6 / ITSM Change ManagementChinese (Simplified)

Committed changes a year ago
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a year ago
ITSM MyCAB Overview.
a year ago
Enables the minimal change counter size (if "Date" was selected as ITSMChange::NumberGenerator).
启用最小的变更计数器大小(如果ITSMChange::NumberGenerator 变更编号生成器选择为“日期”)
a year ago
Change search backend router of the agent interface.
a year ago
Change Overview.
a year ago
Change History.
a year ago
Add a workorder to the change.
a year ago
a year ago
a year ago
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