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A ticket event (e.g. TicketCreate) can trigger a value set for a certain field, if the field does not have a value yet.
By using this method this default value, is not seen in the edit screen (e.g. New Phone Ticket) since the value is set after the creation of the ticket.
To activate this feature it is necessary to enable the following setting: "Ticket::EventModulePost###TicketDynamicFieldDefault".
Activate Field1 in TicketCreate event.
<emphasis>Sub-group:</emphasis> Core::TicketDynamicFieldDefault
<emphasis>Setting:</emphasis> Ticket::TicketDynamicFieldDefault###Element1
This configuration can be set in any of the 16 Ticket::TicketDynamicFieldDefault###Element settings.
If more that 16 fields needs to be set up a custom XML file must be places in $OTRS_HOME/Kernel/Config/files directory to extend this feature.
a new value
Set a Default Value by User Preferences
The dynamic field default value can be overwritten with a user defined value stored in the user preferences.
Using this method, the default value of the field will be shown on any screen where the field is activated (if the field does not have already a different value).
The "sysconfig" setting "PreferencesGroups###DynamicField" located in the "Frontend::Agent::Preferences" Sub-group. This setting is an example of how to create an entry in the User Preferences screen to set an exclusive dynamic field default value for the selected user. The limitation of this setting is that it only permits the use of one dynamic field. If two or more fields will use this feature, it is necessary to create a custom XML configuration file to add more settings similar to this one.
Remember, if more settings are added in a new XML each setting name needs to be unique in the system and different than "PreferencesGroups###DynamicField". For example: PreferencesGroups###101-DynamicField-Field1, PreferencesGroups###102-DynamicField-Field2, PreferencesGroups###My-Field1, PreferencesGroups###My-Field2, etc.
Activate Field1 in the User preferences.
<emphasis>Sub-group:</emphasis> Frontend::Agent::Preferences
<emphasis>Setting:</emphasis> PreferencesGroups###101-DynamicField-Field1
Other Settings
[% Env("UserDynamicField_Field1") %]
Default value for: My Field 1


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