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Notification Added!
Context English French State
You can not delete this Workorder. It is used in at least one Condition!
This Workorder is used in the following Condition(s)
Edit %s%s-%s Éditer %s %s-%s
Move following workorders accordingly
If the planned end time of this workorder is changed, the planned start times of all following workorders will be changed accordingly
History of %s%s-%s Historique de %s %s-%s
Edit Report of %s%s-%s Éditer le rapport de %s %s-%s
Report Rapport
The actual start time must be before the actual end time!
The actual start time must be set, when the actual end time is set!
Current Agent Opérateur actuel
Do you really want to take this workorder?
Save Workorder as Template
Delete original workorder (and surrounding change)
Workorder Information
Notification Added! Notification ajoutée !
Unknown notification %s! Notification "%s" inconnue !
There was an error creating the notification. Il y a eu une erreur durant la création de la notification.
State Transition Updated! La transition d'état a été mise à jour !
State Transition Added! La transition d'état a été ajoutée !
Overview: ITSM Changes Vue d'ensemble: gestion des changements
Ticket with TicketID %s does not exist! Le ticket portant l'ID %s n'existe pas !
Missing sysconfig option "ITSMChange::AddChangeLinkTicketTypes"!
Was not able to add change! Impossible d'ajouter le changement !
Was not able to create change from template! Impossible de créer le changement depuis le modèle !
No ChangeID is given! Aucun ID de changement n'a été trouvé !
No change found for changeID %s. Aucun changement trouvé pour l'ID %s.
The CAB of change "%s" could not be serialized.
Could not add the template.
Change "%s" not found in database!
Could not delete ConditionID %s!


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Perl Module: Kernel/Modules/
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