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Please note: This table represents the execution order of the ACLs. If you need to change the order in which ACLs are executed, please change the names of the affected ACLs. Bemærk: Denne tabel repræsenterer i hvilken rækkefølge ACL'er udføres. Hvis du har brug for at ændre rækkefølgen skal du omdøbe dem.
ACL name ACL-navn
Comment Kommentar
Validity Gyldighed
Export Eksporter
Copy Kopier
No data found. Ingen data fundet.
No matches found. Intet fundet
Edit ACL %s Rediger ACL %s
Edit ACL Rediger ACL
Go to overview Gå til oversigt
Delete ACL Slet ACL
Delete Invalid ACL Slet ugyldig ACL
Match settings Match indstilliger
Set up matching criteria for this ACL. Use 'Properties' to match the current screen or 'PropertiesDatabase' to match attributes of the current ticket that are in the database.
Change settings Skift indstillinger
Set up what you want to change if the criteria match. Keep in mind that 'Possible' is a white list, 'PossibleNot' a black list. Indstil hvad du vil ændre hvis kriterierne passer. Husk på at 'Possible' er en hvidlistning og 'PossibleNot' er en sortlistning
Check the official %sdocumentation%s.
Show or hide the content Vis eller skjul indhold
Edit ACL Information Rediger ACL information
Name Navn
Stop after match Stop, hvis matcher
Edit ACL Structure Rediger ACL struktur
Save ACL Gem ACL
Save Gem
or eller
Save and finish Gem og afslut
Cancel Annuller
Do you really want to delete this ACL? Vil du virkelig slette denne ACL?
Create a new ACL by submitting the form data. After creating the ACL, you will be able to add configuration items in edit mode.
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