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Context English State
Attributes of the current agent user who requested this action
Attributes of the ticket data
Ticket dynamic fields internal key values
Ticket dynamic fields display values, useful for Dropdown and Multiselect fields
Use comma or semicolon to separate email addresses.
You can use OTRS-tags like <OTRS_TICKET_DynamicField_...> to insert values from the current ticket.
Manage %s
Downgrade to ((OTRS)) Community Edition
Read documentation
%s makes contact regularly with to check on available updates and the validity of the underlying contract.
Unauthorized Usage Detected
This system uses the %s without a proper license! Please make contact with %s to renew or activate your contract!
%s not Correctly Installed
Your %s is not correctly installed. Please reinstall it with the button below.
Reinstall %s
Your %s is not correctly installed, and there is also an update available.
You can either reinstall your current version or perform an update with the buttons below (update recommended).
Update %s
%s Not Yet Available
%s will be available soon.
%s Update Available
An update for your %s is available! Please update at your earliest!
%s Correctly Deployed
Congratulations, your %s is correctly installed and up to date!
Go to the OTRS customer portal
%s will be available soon. Please check again in a few days.
Please have a look at %s for more information.
Your ((OTRS)) Community Edition is the base for all future actions. Please register first before you continue with the upgrade process of %s!
Before you can benefit from %s, please contact %s to get your %s contract.
Connection to via HTTPS couldn't be established. Please make sure that your OTRS can connect to via port 443.
Package installation requires patch level update of OTRS.


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