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To enable the chat feature:
Go to *System Configuration* screen.
Navigate to *Core → Chat* in the navigation tree.
Enable the setting ``ChatEngine::Active``.
When the chat feature is enabled, the *Default channel* is automatically created if it does not exist.
To review all chat related settings:
Search for the term ``ChatEngine`` in the search box.
Review the settings.
Agents need to have at least *ro* permissions to the groups set up in the following settings:
FAQ Category
Use this screen to manage categories available in FAQ articles. A fresh OTRS installation already contains a category by default. The category management screen is available in the *FAQ Category* module of the *Administration* group.
FAQ Category Management Screen
Manage FAQ Categories
To add a category:
Click on the *Add category* button in the left sidebar.
Click on the *Submit* button.
Add Category Screen
To edit a category:
Click on a category in the list of categories.
Edit Category Screen
To delete a category:
Click on the trash icon in the list of categories.
Click on the *Yes* button in the confirmation dialog.
Delete Category Screen
FAQ Category Settings
Subcategory of
It is possible to add the new category under an existing one as sub-category. This will be displayed as *Parent Category::Child Category*.
Permission \*
Agent groups that can access articles in this category.
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