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Criticality ↔ Impact ↔ Priority Screen
Service Level Agreements
The service level agreement management screen is available in the *Service Level Agreements* module of the *Ticket Settings* group.
Add Service Level Agreement Screen
Service Level Agreement Settings
Only those settings are described here, that are added by the package. The explanation of other settings can be found in the administrator manual. The fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory.
Select a type for the service level agreement. The possible values come from :doc:`../administration/general-catalog` added by the package.
Minimum Time Between Incidents (minutes)
You can define here the minimum time between incidents.
The service management screen is available in the *Services* module of the *Ticket Settings* group.
Add Service Screen
Service Settings
Select a type for the service. The possible values come from :doc:`../administration/general-catalog` added by the package.
Select a criticality for the service. The possible values come from :doc:`../administration/general-catalog` added by the package.
Group for accessing the *ITSM Service* screen of the agent interface.
In order to grant users access to the *Services* menu, you need to add them as member to the group *itsm-service*.
Use this screen to get a list of services directly in the agent interface. The *Service* menu item is available in the *Services* menu of the main navigation bar.
Service Overview Screen
A view on services and configuration items, including information on each object’s current state, allows you to analyze an incident and calculate the incident’s impact on affected services and customers, and service level agreements and linked configuration items are also displayed. For each configuration item, the current incident state is shown. In addition, the incident state will be propagated for dependent service level agreements and configuration items. If a service is selected, the service details will be shown, now with the additional current incident *State*, which is calculated from the incident states of dependent services and configuration items.
Service states can have one of the following three values:
Operational (green)
Warning (yellow)
Incident (red)
The propagation of the incident state will be carried out if configuration items are linked with the link type *depend on*. Here the following rules apply:
If a configuration item is dependent on another configuration item, which is in the state *Incident*, the dependent configuration item gets the state *Warning*.
If a service is dependent on configuration items, and one of these configuration items has a state *Incident*, the service will also get the state *Incident*.
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