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To edit an ITSM change notification:
Click on an ITSM change notification in the list of ITSM change notifications.
Edit ITSM Change Notification Screen
To delete an ITSM change notification:
Click on the trash icon in the list of ITSM change notifications.
Click on the *OK* button.
Delete ITSM Change Notification Screen
To copy an ITSM change notification:
Click on the copy icon in the list of ITSM change notifications.
ITSM Change Notification Settings
The following settings are available when adding or editing this resource. The fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory.
Basic ITSM Change Notification Settings
ITSM Change Notification Settings - Basic
Event \*
Here you can choose which events will trigger this notification.
The field, that should be listen for the notification.
The content of the field, that are set as *Attribute*.
Here you can select the groups, that can receive the notification.
Add additional information to this resource. It is recommended to always fill this field as a description of the resource with a full sentence for better clarity, because the comment will be also displayed in the overview table.
Notification (Agent)
ITSM Change Notification Settings - Notification for Agents
The main content of a notification can be added for each languages with localized subject and body text. It is also possible to define static text content mixed with OTRS smart tags.
Subject \*
The localized subject for a specific language.
Text \*
The localized body text for a specific language.
Add new notification language
Select which languages should be added to create localized notifications.
This translation Translated OTRS 7/OTRS::ITSM Manual Attribute
The following strings have the same context and source.
Translated OTRS 7/OTRS Attribute
Translated OTRS 7/Feature Add-ons Manual Attribute


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